Long Life Poetry!

My verses would be absent
if you weren’t here.
Poetry wouldn’t survive
if you didn’t exist.
I was about to die
when you arrived.

My verses, your verses are present!
Poetry exists! Here you are! I know.
I am alive – you’re on my mind.

(Majal-San) 19 05 2020

To girl next to me


Your touch on my skin

Suddenly drove me crazy

My breath is gone


I don’t know your name

I didn’t hear your voice

But your smell will go on


Say me your name

You’ll be on my mind

Say me your name

My eyes will be in your eyes


Your song in my ears

Suddenly made me happy

Then my voice disappeared


I don’t know where you live

Where did you go?

Where is your voice now?


I do not know who you are

What do you think now?

What will you do tomorrow?


I know that I won’t forget you

I know that I won’t see you

I know that you’ll be here


You’ll be here on my mind.